Michael Cervino and the gang at Beaconfire have created an excellent online protest engine at actnow.org. It runs on Google Maps and allows you to post a sign on the map at an address you enter, then see what other signs have been posted around you. Great way to build the sense of presence and momentum that define eAdvocacy: You’re at your computer, but you’re not alone.
(Beaconfire Consulting helped the ACLU draft the strategy that created my job, but when I think of the word, geek that I am, I still picture this.)
On Salon.com, my buddy Meghan Laslocky has published an extraordinary article about “Real Dolls,” super-pricey, hyper-realistic, life-size dolls that are either silicone shrines to misogyny or, in the words of one satisified patron, “teddy bears with benefits.”
And in North Carolina, my erstwhile consultant and three-decade family friend Ruby Sinreich had a flattering article in local paper The News Observer after she got named a “change-maker.” (Also note the quote by me.)