I was bummed when I didn’t see any Senatorial blogging during Congress’s Rule 21 session a couple weeks ago.
But late this week Jordan sent me Sen. Russ Feingold’s post on the Daily Kos about his plans to fight for real reform to the Patriot Act. This is the kind of blogging I was talking about. A real update on what happened from the Senator’s perspective, and what he’s planning to do. Plus this very eDemocracy closer:

My work has been informed by some of the comments you have posted about issues on this site and I ask you today to give me some feedback about reauthorizing the Patriot Act.  I appreciate your input

Feingold is in a bipartisan group of six Senators who have helped short-circuit what looked like a White House hijack of the Patriot renewal process.
And in a sign that the forces of real reform aren’t ready to fold, even Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Arlen Specter threw in with the dissenters, saying “the Patriot Act needs further analysis and some revision,” before the renewal plans move forward.