This heartbreaking op-ed by Yossi Sarid, left-winger and former Knesset member and Israeli minister of education.
Including the following quotes:

The cabinet ministers arrive urgently and they are all worked up – we can no longer accept, there is a limit to everything, this time we will teach the bastards a lesson they will never forget. The senior officers, faces grim, huddle among themselves, spread out maps and bend over them, running a finger across the Green Line, the Purple Line and all the lines in the world, which must now unavoidably be crossed and hit.
I don’t remember any introspection, because at these moments the blood boils and goes to the head and blinds the eyes. On several occasions I suggested that consultations not be held and decisions not be made on the day of the disaster itself, because the day of the disaster is always prone to a further disaster of hotheaded and wrongheaded judgment.

Instead of dealing properly with Iran, which is pulling the strings of international aggression, and also the strings of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, George Bush slammed Iraq, of all countries, and now all the villains have learned that the Americans are not all- powerful and that they can gradually be worn down and routed. And instead of dealing with North Korea and its proven missiles and nuclear weapons, America mired itself in Afghanistan, which is in the process of being retaken by the Taliban. And now Somalia, in the Horn of Africa, has also fallen prey to murderous fundamentalism following failed American intervention and taking the wrong side, as Bush and Dick Cheney are wont to do. …
From overuse, Israel, too, lost its regional deterrent capability. A pistol that is aimed and in a safe mode is in most cases more threatening and deterring than a pistol that fires all the time and only rarely hits the target.

Only once in history did America manage not only to win, but also to rehabilitate. The outcome of World War II was dictated not only by Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, but also by Harry Truman and George Marshall. Since then America has only been winning, continually winning and losing. And so it is with us, too – winning and winning, yet we have had no quiet for 40 years or even 40 days.

Thanks to Rob L. for the link.