I really do believe that nearly everyone deserves good health – and a dear friend’s father just underwent tests for colon cancer, so I’m trying. Hard. Like Captain. Kirk. Not to make light of colonoscopies.
But it seems to me that almost every sentence in this news story lends itself to a some kind of wisecrack … no pun intended.

Vice President Dick Cheney will take over as president on Saturday — but only temporarily, White House officials say — while President Bush undergoes anesthesia during routine screening for colon cancer.
The White House press secretary, Tony Snow, said Friday that Mr. Bush would invoke his authority under the 25th Amendment of the Constitution to transfer his presidential powers temporarily to Mr. Cheney during the colonoscopy.
The procedure will take place sometime Saturday — the White House would not be specific — while Mr. Bush is at Camp David, the presidential retreat in the Catoctin Mountains in Maryland. Mr. Cheney will be at his home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
This is the second time Mr. Bush has temporarily transferred his powers to Mr. Cheney. The first was on June 29, 2002, also while Mr. Bush was sedated during a colonoscopy. That procedure lasted about two and a half hours, Mr. Snow said.

I mean, can’t you just picture Dennis Miller, before his soul lost its compass, commenting on the above??