It’s a one-week online symposium about transformation, business and health on the big and little scale, brainchilded by yogi Julian Walker.
Today’s opener Siona van Dijk blogged about “conscious capitalism,” a term I kinda like. At its heart seems to be the reminder that to put our money where our mouths are when it comes to social change might mean realigning our own professional lives and revenue streams completely. Siona writes:

To me, conscious capitalism involves, first and foremost, responsibility. … conscious capitalism asks us to own our role in the system. For me, it’s less an economics of compassion than it is an economics of responsibility. It’s an economics of accountability. And it’s an economics of understanding.

Turns out she also went to Amherst, so maybe there’s hope for Amherst too.
My buddy Tommy Rosen will be blogging later this week about the Eco Gift Expo. Stay tuned and open that mind why dontcha??