If you’re one of the few loyal souls who’ve visited this page more than 2-3 times, you know that I think language and criticism about events do almost as much to influence the future as events themselves. That’s one of the main reasons I think Barack Obama is not only a better candidate, but a better choice for president.
The press has been woefully delinquent over the last generation in their once-sacrosanct role as guardians of not only truth, but decency in our leaders. From the shameless warmongering of recent years to the eager clutching at every inch of the Lewinsky scandal, the mainstream media has chosen eyeballs over oversight nearly without exception.
So it’s in that spirit that I’m posting this Keith Olbermann “Special Comment” on Hillary Clinton’s feckless invocation of the RFK assassination. Not for what it says about Clinton and her poor judgment or bad priorities, but for its example of a journalist not afraid to hold a leader to full, historical account in an era still mired in the muck of prurient punditry for the sake of ratings, not for the sake of the public conscience.

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