CNN proves, like Kerry and Edwards did in the 2004 Iowa primary, that established institutions can still shoe-leather their way ahead of online innovation and a supremely tight campaign.
I’m bummed that the Obama text message didn’t get to break news, because it actually had me excited about waiting for a text message, and for the watershed attention SMS was getting.
Larry King a few minutes ago: “What has been a closely guarded secret is now known: Senator Joe Biden of Delaware is Barack Obama’s pick for vice president. They’ll appear Saturday at a rally in Springfield, Illinois.
“Text messages will be sent out early Saturday morning, but we have the news right now.”
Paul Begala just flubbed and referred to him as “Senator O’Biden.” We may be hearing that again too.

photo by me
MORE: arrrggh, still on splash page of as of 1:30 a.m. In Michael Silberman’s words, “Change of plans, Obama. …”