Sorry but I’m not sure lobbying senators via Twitter is the best idea. Even if the 15 senators on twitter who don’t sponsor the important sunlight measure S. 482 can be twayed into twonsorship, won’t this twigger a whole bunch of twin-off campaigns and risk turning twitter from a network of carrier pigeons into the flock in Hitchcock’s The Birds?
Twitter’s peer-to-peer, right? Do we really want to single out the decision-makers in the virtual room? If we tweet-mob @JohnCornyn and @Barbara_Boxer don’t we hasten the blown-vein moment that grassroots email to Congress has reached? Where what was once more intimate access is just another crowd to be herded via retractable rope-barriers and CRM filters?
I think this could turn advocacy tweets from nightingales into woodpeckers. I hope I’m overreacting.
tags: transparency, sunlight, twitter, 482