Designing a platform to help local courts improve the pretrial process. To support responsible, effective adoption of new decision-making processes, we created a suite of online learning and knowledge-sharing tools and drove new investments in racial equity, community engagement and algorithmic accountability.

Arnold Ventures has sought to improve the United States criminal legal system through technology-based innovations that support judicial decision-making. For several years, the foundation’s Public Safety Assessment has been provided to local courts through high-touch local site consultations.

As lead digital strategist, I guided a development process to connect designers, learning experts and the community of early adopters, and ensure that we align good training approaches with the needs of small and large local courts.

If we want to use technology to tackle social justice problems on a national scale, we must balance the sometimes competing needs of new policies, ingrained practices, and the risks that surround the uses of technology by courts and law enforcement. The better we listen, the more effective and just these changes will be.