Guided the Open Contracting Partnership through their independent launch, aligning programming with mission and defining a public voice for speaking to foundation donors and international audiences.

Incubated within the World Bank, OCP champions a new culture of transparency and public understanding of government contracts. They seek a more nimble approach to policy advocacy, based on network-building and projects that are vehicles for learning and adaptation. OCP has also pioneered the Open Contracting Data Standard, a tool to unify procurement information across governments and strengthen the open data ecosystem.

In the months surrounding the launch of OCP, I helped define priorities and developed a vivid organizational message, drawing on my experience in policy advocacy, transparency, open data innovation and open contracts in particular. I worked with OCP leadership to translate these high-level plans into strategy documents, fundraising materials that helped secure several million dollars in grants, and plans for an overhauled website .

The Open Contracting Partnership is unique as a pioneer for open government, but it faced a common challenge for advocates: how to establish its own profile while directing public attention toward a shadowy corner of government policy. The balance we struck—between a pure policy focus and an affirmation of OCP’s sector leadership—was critical to the successful launch of the organization.