Lots of pain and debriefing among my liberal friends (which is nearly all but not all-all) about what happens now. It seems to fall into the Forget It camp and the Change or Die camp.
As sad as I was to see well-spun ideology beat out good judgment and appeals to fairness, I’m thinking that the Change or Die crowd has it right. If the blue states and the so-called flyover states agree to disagree and leave it there, much that should not be forgotten will be lost.
Contrast this admittedly funny map of how North America feels to many this week, with this actual county-by-county voting results map. It turns out that a lot of the nation is purple. Shouldn’t we try to move forward with that in mind?
For more on this, see this recent Op-Ed in the Monitor by Laura Chasin of the Public Conversations Project, and also check out Rich Harwood’s blog. Rich speaks feelingly and with practicality about the need to get beyond Red and Blue. Mike Weiksner also posted some thoughtful comments, on what’s next on E-thePeople.org.


  1. I agree. “Change or die” is the only option for me. Frustrating because so many of have been seeking that change (from chickenshit moderation to articulate progressive advocacy) for many years. It’s still not clear if Dem’s are even capable of getting it.
    But more importantly, thank you for posting Purple Rain and my resulting smile – one of first I could muster related to this debacle.

  2. Rube! Did you see the cover of Newsweek with the headline “Seeing Purple”?
    Probably just a coincidence that Obama and Prince are both midwestern sons of mixed-race couples.

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