We’re asking people to host “Couch Parties” this weekend. Watch TV, write to Congress, and help keep cable TV free of the creepy scrutiny of the prude police.
Speaking of whom, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R.-Wisc.) may be hip enough to warn people (rather wordily) about downloadable PDFs on his web site, but he’s still stuck in a Hawthorne novel when it comes to regulating television. Yesterday he basically recommended putting people in the stocks for violating decency rules – okay, he actually recommended a cannon: “People who are in flagrant disregard should face a criminal process rather than a regulator process. That is the way to go. Aim the cannon specifically at the people committing the offenses, rather than the blunderbuss approach.” (NY Post article)
Don’t we have better things to prosecute our celebrities for?
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