Had the mixed honor of talking about ACLU Couch Parties yesterday with Foster Braun, live on Detroit’s WJR talk radio. Mixed because I was excited to talk about the project – asking people to get together, watch cable, and write to Congress about the looming expansion of indecency regulations – but was ambivalent about a by-fire intro to live call-in radio.

Fortunately, I didn’t psych myself out in advance by reviewing the daily lineup at WJR, which includes Sean Hannity, Dr. Laura, Paul Harvey and, best of all, the Midnight Trucking Network from 1 to 5.

Foster Braun was pretty fair. It sounds like he thinks that “smut” is bad and the government helping keep it away from our kids wouldn’t be such a bad thing. But it also sounds like he knows the difference between civil liberty and irresponsibility, and between censorship and sensible regulation.

I was confused by one caller who felt that he and his kids were being “forced” to look at scantily clad women during baseball commercials. Hopefully child-rearing won’t exhaust me so much that I can’t lift the remote.

The caller I appreciated most was the guy who said he takes the time to talk with his kids when something on TV seems extreme. That communication may be the ounce of prevention we need. Moral dictatorship is certainly no cure.