No, it’s not cable coverage of the NBA playoffs, it’s me marveling at our conflicted culture.
According to NYT, video from a swarm of grassroots documentarians is “undercutting the prosecution of most of the people arrested” during last year’s RNC protests. In one case, prosecutors dropped charges once it was revealed that the police video used in evidence had had exculpatory segments “cut by mistake.”
So there’s an example of the truth becoming clearer thanks to more eyes showing more sides of a story. Many more links on this from Emily Gertz on the very cool group blog,
Meanwhile, in America, a group called Dominionists are thumping, and, more importantly, stumping, to install their own version of the truth in as many statehouses, courthouses and White Houses as they can lay hands upon. Read scary article in opposition enclave Rolling Stone.
As previously stated, I believe the U.S. is purpler than anyone wants to acknowledge. But if the average American loves Jesus and the average liberal shops at Whole Foods, and if the media likes a good fight better than the truth, then who sorts through the culture clash and broadcasts reliable information on an actual clear channel about our needs, preferences, hopes and dreams?