On the Editors’ Blog at TomPaine.com, Laura Donelly posted a nice plug for the ACLU Couch Parties.
The debate over indecency continues to gain momentum and, more importantly, visibility. The last thing you want is for what you see on TV to be decided by a couple of congressional ideologues, some self-censoring media companies or even a handful of civil rights groups. Get involved, get involved, get involved.
Yesterday I had one of those world-too-small moments when long-lost schoolmate Jed Weintrob wrote me about his new film The F Word and I ended up at the Tribeca Film Festival, hanging out with and bumping into a Robert Altman ensemble of friends, schoolmates and former colleagues.
Jed’s movie, which premiered at the festival, is a stylish, freestyle collage of voices and events surrounding the 2004 Republican National Convention. It’s a plea for freedom from bootheel regulations and a grassroots snapshot – some of it fictionalized – of what it was like on the streets of New York that week.