Moments apart, two of my favorite evangerealists make beautifully similar points in unrelated posts:
Gavin Clabaugh, shortly after panel at New America Foundation on how philanthropic data does, can or should change the world:

@glcabaugh: Fading barriers: bandwidth, storage, crunch power, access to data. The probs:what ?s to ask/ how to ask ’em& what the answers mean #givedata

And Brian Reich, responding to a different post:

@BrianReich: For social media to transform society, and reach it’s potential, @equalman, focus must be on content and usage not platform or toolset.

To attempt to distill the point about context over tech even more, I thought about quoting “It Ain’t the Meat, It’s the Motion,” but it didn’t seem like a 100% fit. I did, however, learn from Google that rock star Southside Johnny Lyon has my birthday. So that’s something …

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