This HuffPost account choked me up. Proud to have supported Elizabeth Warren.

Barbara Mikulski barely came up to Elizabeth Warren’s shoulder as the two embraced on the floor of the upper chamber. Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat, released Warren and attached an official Senate pin to the lapel of the incoming Massachusetts senator’s all-black pantsuit. Think of it, Mikulski said she told her, “like the croix de guerrefor all the battles we women have fought.”

“Congratulations,” Mikulski told her, with her eyes watering as she beat her hand against her heart. “You stand here now in the footsteps of so many women who for so long would have liked to have been here, should have been here, but didn’t get the shot. You’ve got the chance. You have a band of sisters. And we’re going to not only make history, we’re going to change history.”

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