These are the headlines on as of pre-dawn today. I don’t see how I even need to editorialize to convey the problem.

I’ve bolded the items that seem newsier.

  • 3 killed in shootings near Texas A&M
  • System fails to spot man on JFK runway
  • Zimmerman team wants judge removed
  • Police: Girlfriend locked away for years
  • China’s ‘most wanted’ man killed
  • Police: Thai pol kills ex-wife with Uzi
  • Wildfire threatens 100 Wash. homes
  • Teacher on FBI child porn list  
  • 17-foot python found in Florida
  • ‘Weirdest thing’ floats in South Pacific
  • Mars ‘Mohawk Guy’ inspires Obama
  • Police: Bride stabs groom in heart HLN
  • Islamic group poised to suspend Syria
  • ‘Imperial’ Egypt leader or step forward?
  • A Saudi city exclusively for women  
  • Neo-Nazis flash mobs raid Germany  
  • ‘Onion Field’ killer dies in prison
  • Why Brangelina buck tradition  
  • Facebook helps free jailed brothers  
  • Pit bull adopts goat as puppy  
  • YouTube escapes Google crackdown
  • Scanners tracking your car? Time
  • Red Sox legend Pesky dies
  • Tricky post-Olympics for U.S. hoops
  • Greatest Olympian of 21st century?
  • VH1 pulls ‘Ev and Ocho’ after arrest
… everything else seems relatively prurient or niche-y. And take away the items involving a gun death you get just three newsy stories. Is the “local news” site for the national small town?

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