Chilling and compelling quotes on this morning from preportedly verified anonymous online Q&A (I know how that sounds) with abduction victim Hannah Anderson.

Obviously the most important questions are, Is she all right? What really happened? And, of course, Is this account of an anonymous Q&A with her true?

I can’t answer, but I can say that — maybe in the interest of speed — atrocious copywriting errors by CNN itself were left in. Let’s get this right, people. It’s actual news about something really bad (emphasis below is mine).

Hannah Anderson did what any teenage girl would do after a life-changing ordeal: she discussed it with peers online. …
Dawn MacNabb, whose son is one of her closest friends, confirmed to the Associated Press that the postings on were by Hannah. She said her son spoke on the phone with Hannah on Tuesday and urged her to delete some of the postings.

And …

The California teenager was rescued Saturday after family friend DiMaggio held her hostage for a week after killing her mother and brother. Her frantic search stretched from southern California to the Idaho wilderness …

The most interesting question is what does it mean when peer-to-peer media can replace news media as a newsbreaking source. In this case, it wasn’t breaking news that happened via social media (like we saw with the Hudson River plane landing or the Abbottabad raid on bin Laden), it was the press conference.

But just because newsmakers are becoming their own newsbreakers and social tools can now be media tools doesn’t mean standard media should stop using words properly. 

UPDATE: Since the above was drafted, both errors were corrected. Text now says, “… whose son is one of Hannah’s closest friends” and “The frantic search for the teenager stretched from ….”

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